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What Can I Ask?

There is no real limit to what you can ask, that's why we are here!


Astronomy covers a wide range of topics, from planets and asteroids to the big bang and objects at the furthest reaches of the universe. Not only that, astronomy is grounded in both physics and mathematics meaning we can cover most of the physical sciences. Although our main focus is astronomy, we will sometimes take a detour to answer some of the hot topics of the time, so if something grabs your interest either in the news or your day to day life and would like to know more, just ask.


It doesn't need to be a complex question (although those are welcome too), in fact the simplest questions are often the most interesting and sometimes come with surprising answers!


What we wont answer

Although we are happy to answer most questions, we will not answer questions taken directly from any form of homework, university assignment or anything which would give an unfair advantage. This applies to submitted questions as well as the forums. That's not to say you cannot discuss or ask a question about a topic which may come up, after all it's a great way to learn about them, but you must figure out how that relates to the question being asked.


Ask a question!