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About Us

Why do we exist?

As anyone who is or has been involved in astrophysics and astronomy will know engaging with the public, be it locally or at large events, is actively encouraged. Ask an astronomer was started as part of such an outreach program to share our passion for the wonders of the universe with a wider audience than we normally get to encounter.

So why specifically a question and answer site like Ask an Astronomer? We felt that although there is a wealth of information available through the internet, television and books, the ability to interact with those involved in the subject on a day to day basis is somewhat limited. At best the opportunity to ask such questions arises infrequently and for many never at all. By allowing an easy way to interact in this way we hope to inspire people to discover more about the wonders of our Universe.


Who answers the questions?


All of the people that give their time to answer questions on Ask an Astronomer UK are volunteers with either a professional or amateur interest in astronomy. We try to match the question asked to the best person for the job, be that a PhD student to give an insight to the latest research or an experienced amateur astronomer to answer a question about the night sky. If you feel you have an area of expertise we might need and would like to get involved why not check out our Get Involved page, we are always looking for new people to help out.


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